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Regeneration of Independence Garden to ensure accessibility and efficient use of resources

PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR ENERGY, ENTERPRISE, AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Regeneration of Independence Garden to ensure accessibility and efficient use of resources
Regeneration to be made possible with a €200,000 investment

With an area of around 1,500sqm, Independence Garden will be regenerated to provide adequate access to persons with disabilities and will ensure efficient use of resources like water and electricity amongst others. 

The garden will be furnished with benches made from recycled plastic and will require less maintenance to be kept in good condition. Independence Garden will be equipped with wooden structures to provide shelter from the weather, whilst a reservoir will be restored to save rainwater and use it for the irrigation system. 

The garden will also be equipped with a new electricity system to ensure efficiency and provide a better service. 

This project, which will benefit the community, was announced by Minister for Energy, Enterprise, and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli together with Director-General of Parks Malta Adrian Attard in the presence of Birżebbuġa Local Council.

The project forms part of a series of initiatives to regenerate open spaces, in conjunction with various local councils by Parks Malta.

“We have been announcing various open spaces across Malta during the past months. Sustainability lies at the heart of these projects, equipping them with energy-efficient systems, making them accessible and ensure their maintenance. We look forward to continuing working on similar projects to keep delivering more open spaces,” said Minister Dalli.

As part of the sustainable investment plan, this investment will also incorporate a new fountain pump and an irrigation system, removal of invasive species and the planting of indigenous plants and trees. To avoid any hazard, the garden walls will be restored. 

The works on Independence Garden will be spread over three years, split into different phases. 

Director-General of Parks Malta Adrian Attard explained that in the first phase, Parks Malta will restore the water structure, walls, and other structures. Various trees and indigenous shrubs will also be planted. 

During the second and third phases, Parks Malta will continue with the infrastructural work