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Energy Minister Miriam Dalli announces €500,000 regeneration project in Santa Luċija

PRESS RELEASE BY THE MINISTRY FOR ENERGY, ENTERPRISE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Energy Minister Miriam Dalli announces €500,000 regeneration project in Santa Luċija

A €500,000 regeneration project in Santa Luċija has been announced by Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli.

Addressing a press conference at an unused part of the Garden of Serenity, Minister Miriam Dalli said that thanks to the joint collaboration with the Santa Luċija Local Council, Parks Malta will be regenerating this site for the benefit of the community.

As a result of these works, Parks Malta will be developing another recreational space in the South of the island, for adults and children alike. This space will be ideal for individuals to relax, socialize or do a physical activity in. Additionally, this space can also be used for musical activities, cultural or educational purposes.

Minister Miriam Dalli highlighted that such projects with innovative concepts should provide residents and families with a safe and secure open space for their enjoyment. “With an investment of half a million euro, we are regenerating an abandoned site to offer families, children, youths and the elderly a space where to unwind,” Minister Miriam Dalli said.

The Minister pointed out that a Greek theatre and a pond will be installed.

The project designs are inspired by the Chinese principles of feng shui. The top and bottom pathways will be joined together to showcase the life cycle: birth, youth, middle age and elderly age. All architectural and playground structures will be designed to reflect this cycle, connecting humans with nature and creating a positive energy.

Parks Malta Director General Adrian Attard said that: “The Garden of Serenity is considered a jewel by the Santa Luċija residents. The process to carry out the works has kickstarted and we look forward to finalise the project by 2022.”

On her part, Santa Luċija Mayor Charmaine St. John thanked Minister Dalli and Parks Malta for this investment to help embellish the locality. “We consider Santa Luċija as one of the green lungs of the south of Malta. This invesment will continue to enhance the Serenity Garden whilst embellishing Ġnien l-Iskultura. This has been my wish since becoming mayor,” she said.

Present for the press conference was also Mr Yu Dunhai, Chinese Ambassador to Malta, as well as other members from the Local Council of Santa Luċija.​​