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A new recreational project at Inwadar Park


A new recreational project at Inwadar Park: €200,000 invested in a safe open area for the public’s enjoyment

A recreation area with an investment of around €200,000 at Inwadar Park, on the border between Marsaskala, Żabbar and Xgħajra, was announced by the Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development Miriam Dalli.

200m² of this park will be regenerated to offer a recreational space where Maltese families can enjoy the countryside along the Maltese coast. The impact of this regeneration project on the surrounding area will be minimal.

The identified site is currently degraded and is disturbed by the flood water channel infrastructure which have a concrete and gravel surface. For this reason, it was identified as a possible open space that could be used as a BBQ area. This park is heavily frequented, especially during the summertime, hence, a project of this nature is ideal. 

“The launch of this seaside recreational platform project is a result of our commitment to increase outdoor public and open spaces, which over the years have lost all sense of value due to the rampant abandonment of waste. These areas are now being recovered for the enjoyment of the public”, explained the minister.

In fact, the concept behind this recreational platform is to address the waste that was being generated, with the consequence of causing a negative impact on natural features such as native and endemic species along the surrounding rocks.

Parks Malta will be doing paving work in about 200 square meters of the area. Five recyclable plastic benches, large permanent BBQ sets and six containers where site visitors can dispose of the charcoal used for BBQs will also be installed.

“It has been decided not to install any lighting to leave the area in its natural state. This also applies to the surrounding rocks and vegetation, which will not suffer any impact due to this project. The platform will also be accessible to wheelchair users, in line with the government’s commitment to promote inclusivity.  The designs and concept of this project were discussed in lengthy meetings with various authorities amongst which were the Environment Resources Authority, the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage and the Commission on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities,” explained Dr Steve Borg, Chairperson of the Inwadar National Park Governance Board.

The Governance Board together with Parks Malta are committed to regenerating the natural environment of the Inwadar National Park. The public has a duty to make good use of these facilities whilst experiencing the beautiful and natural background of the Mediterranean beyond the urban noise.

The Director General of Parks Malta Adrian Attard stressed that this project will be helping to stop the abuse of barbequing along the beach, which has done substantial damage to the indigenous and endemic flora and that now will be given a chance to regenerate. The site is already guarded with a 3G CCTV system that provides the ability to monitor the area even remotely. 

Also present at the press conference were the Mayor of Marsaskala Mario Calleja, the Mayor of Żabbar Jorge Grech, and the Mayor of Xgħajra Neil Attard.